Have you ever wondered how all of the chapters and events of the Bible fit together? We often find ourselves looking at one book, or even one Testament as its own standalone story... but while there are several writers throughout Scripture, there is only ONE Author. The God of the universe, who knows the beginning from the end, breathed the entirety of Scripture and through each writer, event, and account portrays a seamless story that paints an incredible picture of his character, and the long-awaited and eternal hope he gives us through Christ.

Linworth Baptist Church is excited to launch a weekly podcast to supplement a plan to read through the entire Bible in one year. Come alongside us over the course of a year as we seek to provide context, connections, applications, and themes for each week's reading. We hope this year will change the way you understand the Bible story, and provide new insight into the incredible character of its Author.

After you tune in at the start of each week, you will read through what amounts to around 5 chapters a day for five days a week, finishing the entire Bible in one year! You can listen and subscribe to the podcast via Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or check back here each week.

Piece by Piece Episodes